The purpose of this website is to nurture the growth of ideas about the development of people and of societies.  Underlying this purpose is my conviction that we are in the midst of a long-term species crisis, brought about by our over-breeding and by our increasing ability to change and damage our habitat. 

This isn't a doomsday scenario. I believe we can do something about the course of our evolution as a species, but it is getting late, and our old beliefs and habits won't serve us well in meeting the challenges that face us. We need to re-think where we are and where we are going. 

The ideas are basically optimistic. They rest on the simple observation that people can and do change and improve; and that societies can and do change and improve. The direction of change in both people and societies is not always positive, but it is possible to clarify our notions about desirable change and to seek ways to bring it about. We need to know progress when we see it. (click here to continue essay) 


Courtney A Nelson - Beirut 1973

Courtney A. Nelson Beirut 1975

Born on March 4, 1930, Courtney passed away July 12, 2014, aged 84. His work at times focused on organization and management, science and technology; and human development. A Jack of many trades, he sought to integrate those experiences into a theory of development not found elsewhere in development literature. At the same time, his unorthodox thinking and sometimes acerbic manner often challenged and irritated his colleagues and superiors. Although he served a number of establishment organizations, including The Ford Foundation, the Harvard Institute for International Development, and the United Nations Development Program, he was typically uncomfortable and at odds with each of them. Read his autobiography, THE MAKING OF A MAVERICK, available now from Xlibiris Press!

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          1996 A Critique of Arrighi's The Long Twentieth Century
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          1999 Letter to editor: Lee Kwan Yew's The Singapore Story
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          1967 Wrong Turn at Arusha
          1968 Approach to Foundation Programming in Middle East (by Don Kingsley)
          1970 International Division Organization: Proposal for Ford Foundation
          1972 Ford Foundation in Middle East: Objectives and Strategy
          1973 Middle East Program: Discussion Paper ("Curfew")
          1974 Middle East Program: Discussion Paper
          1974 Why Work in the Middle East?
          1974 Assisting Educational and Cultural Development (Cali memo)
          1975 Aspects of Programming in the Middle East
          1975 Your Child, Zero to Five Years Old (by Saniyah Othman)
          1976 Musings on the Middle East Program
          1977 Administration and Economic Planning in Eastern Africa
          1977 Brookings: Technology Development and Collaboration
          1979 ISTC: Report on Singapore and Nairobi Meetings
          1980 US Cooperation with Egypt in Science and Technology
          1982 An Approach to Development Problems in Sub-Saharan Africa
          1982 U.S. Science and the Third World (Kettering Foundation paper)
          1982 DII: Development Investors Incorporated (Offering Memorandum) 
          1985 NAS Collaborative Research on Tropical Diseases
          1987 HIID: Binational Working Groups of OTO: Collaborative Technical Assistance
          1988 Brunei papers 
          1989 Education for All Conference
          1989 Global Warming: Building 3rd World Capacity on Global Environmental Issues
          1989 Iraq -- UNDP MDP Report
          1990 African Capacity Building 
                           -- Tanzania
                           -- Botswana
          1990 Oman: Aide Memoire
                           Final Report
                           Summary for UNDP / MDP
          1990 Research Capacity Building in Thailand
          1992 United Arab Emirates / Sharjah
          1993 Indonesia papers
          1993 Uzbekistan
                           Preliminary Findings
                           International Visits by Uzbek Officials
          1994 Egypt
          1994 Ukraine
          1994 Ukrainian ICPS - HIID Partnership Proposal
          1995 Gaza (Proposal, Report, Suggestions for Action)
          1995 HIID collaboration with ICPS                           
          1997 UNDP Management Development Program: Concepts and Strategy
          1997 Packard Foundation Proposal
          1999 MacArthur Foundation Proposal
          1999 Society for Research on Adult Development
          2002 Human Development as a Profession
          2002 The Notion of Progress


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